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                        Jon Seyster - Making a Difference

Dear Friends,

My name is Jon Seyster; I have cerebral palsy with a full length rod in my back and a severe hearing loss.  My goal is to work hard to improve my overall health and overcome difficulties I face with having cerebral palsy.  My passion is to help others and give back to those who have helped me accomplish my goals.  Over 1 year ago I joined the organization, Ride 2 Recovery, that helps our injured returning soldiers rehabilitate mentally and physically with cycling programs and challenges.  With each challenge I commit to a hard training schedule to endure miles of cycling using a hand propelled tricycle and to raise funds for the cycling programs to help rehabilitate our soldiers.  The funds I need are to help with my own equipment, training, Ride 2 Recovery Organization (501c non-profit) donations and my travels to and from each challenge which, can be anywhere in the country.  I am looking for corporate and individual sponsors, donations and products to use and sell.

Before my first ride in September 2011 I had never ridden a bike before, but I trained hard for months working on building my strength and endurance for the Challenge.  On September 11-18, 2011 I bicycled from ground zero in New York City to Shanksville, PA to the Pentagon in D.C.  The challenge was 8 days, 586 miles and I was able to ride 7 days and cycled 284 miles of that, a major success for me!!  This was a new chapter in my life, after 8 years of college and 2 degrees, it was "Jon's Freedom Ride."    

I could not think of a better way to begin my new chapter than to give back to those who gave me my rights and freedom to do what I needed and wanted to do; our military.  Riding side by side with them was such an honor. I was able to say thank you for all that they have done to keep us safe, and allowing me to have the freedom to make choices.  It is because of our brave and all who have fought for our great country that we are all free to be whoever we want to be.  I have faced many challenges but not as great and rewarding as this one was.  This was and continues to be my tribute to our brave.  October 2012 I will begin riding with our brave soldiers in week long challenges as well as 1 day Honor Rides which, I am hoping to participate often.  I will continue with my physical training as well as my efforts to raise funds.

Your financial and product support will provide me with the opportunity to continue with my goals and charitable commitments.  Please consider donating to Ride 2 Recovery and Choose "Sponsor Rider Jon Seyster."    Choose "Sponsor Rider Jon Seyster"

Thank you very much,